Enjoying Little Things | A Secret Sauce of Happy Lives

All of us ran behind the big things to get happiness. We think that only the big things can make us happy. But here we go the wrong, one can be happy by the little things also. The little things are not just the little things. Sometimes those little things become the cornerstone of our life. Those things paint our life as a great masterpiece. So always try to enjoy the little moments of your life. Those moments would be the secret sauce to your happy life.


Always Regard the Little Things

Little things are infinitely the most important things in one’s life.Arthur Doyle

Observe your surrounding in detail and then think in your mind what you have seen. Try to find the beauty in the path that you forget. Enjoy every moment of your life. Because how much we have does not make us happy. Rather than how much we enjoy the thing makes us happy. Always celebrate your victories either they are small or big. Thus you can make unmarkable moments and one day you will make yourself happy by remembering those small moments. But now those moments will become big moments for you.

Delight in the little things.Rudyard Kipling

If one can find happiness in little things then he can be able to mundane the moments with much more interest, curiosity, and awe. When you able to rediscover your childlike wonder, then you will found that your life becomes more satisfying. Now you will have more patience and will less concerned with the material happiness. You will be focused on your present experiences.

That Little Things make big happen. So always try to watch for your everyday moments, actions, words, that you want to look back on.John Wooden

Do Small Things with Love

As per a saying “Friendship is not a big thing. It is a combination of millions of little things.” According to this, you don’t need to do something big to change the world. You can do that by small things also. You can make yourself or someone else happy by doing small things with love.

The small things may be selfless giving or a small act of kindness or half steps into the right direction or the moments of the compassion. And if one does these small things with the love then one can easily make a big difference.

There is no need for big steps, one with the little steps can also bring the change. No matter, the step is how much small but you try something that matters. You can start doing things like below:

  • Getting clear: Clear your mind about what you want and how you want to do so.
  • Cultivating strong relationships: Try to connect with others in a meaningful way, in a loving spirit. This act has the power to bring a big change and happiness in your life.
  • Express yourself: Try to express yourself.
  • Following your heart: Start following your heart, your happiness, your dreams.
  • Letting go: Leave the things that are not supporting your happiness and peace.

Start doing these small steps and one day each of these steps will create a momentum towards your happiness. These small steps will make a life for you that you love. The things you thought impossible may become possible for you after this. And all this is the result of that tiny step you have taken to change. This will lead you in the direction of the happiness for you.

Collect Moments
Improve your awareness regarding positive and good moments in your daily life. When you continue to give attention to all the good and positive things of your daily life then it will result in the reflection in the quality of your life.

A good life is a collection of happy moments.Denis Waitley
 Life is building by the combination of small moments. Each day life brings to us many small opportunities, we can attain happiness by the proper utilization of those opportunities.  In every moment, Miracles may happen. So always give value to these small moments. And vow that from today you will fully show up for those moments.

You could vow to see the beauty of small moments, to see them in detail, to see the character, and the harmony that is here around you all the time. When you vow these then you will witness – that everything around you becomes beautiful and extraordinary.

So tell me what you will be going to do from now after reading this?

  • What moments will you save from today?
  • What little moments from past mean everything to you? (Now Recall Them)
  • What small things you are going to do from now to help someone else or to help yourself?

You can share your own experiences, thoughts, and lessons with me in the following comment section. Also, share this article with those persons who have a lot of little things and they love, enjoy, and appreciate those moments right now.

For me, when I add millions of tiny things together, then they meant a lot (everything) to me 🙂

This is a Guest Post by Daman Jain, Owner of a Wrestling Blog DTRT Wrestling.



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