Thanks for Asking! I was about to forget about that! Well, I am Aditya Singh and I am the owner, editor, founder and everything of Crosswordlife or I am one man army here! (Sounds like some actions packed stuff).

My Age? Let’s play a world’s most hard competitive game to find it out! Ready?

What comes before 16 and after 14? What! you got my age! I am telling you if you have got it then believe me you are no less intelligent than Einstein!!

How I started all these webby webby stuff?

I was a small kid when I launched my first blog which failed, obviously. The site name I think Technicalwine .tk and I was just super crazy about the site so I went and created my first WhatsApp group. Now starts the time of copying and pasting articles promoting it less and spamming more and in the end, I quit. I shut it down and went for my studies.

After a month I realised that why don’t I sell this site! I tried to sell it but no success, I again tried but still, nothing happened and in my 3rd try to become my last ever. I sold it for 1$ approx! (Wow! what a million dollar deal).

Time went on and then again from somewhere I got 28$ and I directly went to Godaddy, bought a domain name and a hosting, hosted my WordPress there but this time a bit more seriously. After few days one of my online friends told me that Godaddy s**ks. I got frightened and quickly I cancelled my account. Eagerly waiting for my money back though it never! Godaddy really sucks!

Now what I got nothing to start a site again (poor me). Again after a few months, I got 2$ and again I bought a domain name and setup it on blogger.

Happily this time I used to write my own articles and start promoting it on Facebook. The first day I got 400 visits and I was in the sky, flying high. Things went on and after few days I again went to my that friend and told him I want to move to WordPress. He told me to give him 12$ for new dream press hosting. I gave him with all trust and he even gave me the account but it was an account of someone with few other site hosted on the account!

I felt like cheated and asked my money back though he never gave it back to me! and I again lose everything. This time I was badly broken but I still didn’t quit blogging. After months I asked my parents for money to buy hosting and they gave me 🙂

I quickly bought hosting and started blogging. This time apart from the promotion I was looking for links too. I learned a bit of seo and hire a person to wrote articles. He wrote it I done some seo but no link building. Still, my site got ranked on page 7 and I was happy seeing this I got motivated and started working more.

Everything was going right but again things start becoming worse. I started realizing that article that person provide me was all spun. I quickly fired him and started writing myself but my life got some shitty problems with me that it again gave me a mountain to climb. This time the hosting started going down and things become hell when it went down for 3 days! I decided to move on from the host but this time I got no money!

I again stopped blogging! Now I found a person on Internet Ammar Parvez, a damn nice hearted person who gave me some outreaching work for a month on 200$. I did my work and quickly, no after a lot of troubles received my money! Again I setup a WordPress blog but this time a new me was there as it has to be 4 years since all this happening and I had learned a lot from all of these! And yes! The last website was CrosswordLife!

Aditya Singh


Crosswordlife is all about bringing happiness to your life! The aim of the site is developing you mind in a way that you will reach beyond your limits. Maybe you see less content on the site, but this is only because I don’t believe in publishing 10 craps a month with no real value! Articles on crosswordlife are crafted with practical ways so you can make sure you get most out of the site!

Crosswordlife is currently serving these topics to you and most probably only these in future too!

  1. Happiness

  2. Inspiration

  3. Life Hacks

  4. Productivity

  5. Stress Management

Our most Performing content till date:

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